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May-June 2017

Before we close out this month, join us for Belly Dance with Safire on April 29th!

SUGAR : a burlesque and variety show by Michelle L’Amour for Untitled Supper Club

The April series with Vanessa will focus on the relationship between hips and arms. Arms should be used to enhance movement, showcase hips and demonstrate relaxation with sensuality. Hips without coordinating arms shows weakness and stiffness, but strong and guided arms give a dancer power and confidence. Vanessa will teach a choreography in Oriental, where hips and arms are essential, and also will focus on hip technique for the choreography. Join us! Register


AND, all new classes begin the week of May 1st at Studio L’amour! We have classes from Midnite Martini (Miss Exotic World 2014), Michelle L’amour (Miss Exotic World 2005), Gaea Lady, Lady Ginger and Lily Bloom! Check out all of our offerings and register here!

Act Development

SUGAR : a burlesque and variety show by Michelle L’Amour for Untitled Supper Club

The next series of Act Development begins on March 12th.

This 5 week act development series culminates in a showcase held at Studio L’amour on April 23rd. For 5 weeks, you will workshop your act with Michelle L’amour, Lady Ginger, and Lily Bloom. Class time includes movement instruction, act feedback and an additional hour after class time to work on your act. For example, class time is 1-3pm and your personal time is 3-4pm.

On April 23rd (the 16th is Easter so there will be a week in between your last class and the show), we will hold an exhibition at the studio. This is a way to showcase your ideas in an informal and supportive setting. Other classes will have the opportunity to perform as a group as well.

This series is open to all performers and not just students at Studio L’amour. If you have an idea you want to workshop, this is a safe space to do so. Register now!