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Burlesque Just Burlesque

All new classes begin this week and we’re starting it off with a workshop from a special guest from NYC! Details below on the workshop. Register for all other classes here!

October 17 – Burlesque Improvisation with Darlinda Just Darlinda from NYC – 7-8:15 – REGISTER


“Quick make something up to THIS NEW SONG! We don’t have your music!” Has this ever happened to you? Accidents happen and sometimes they don’t, but having improvisation skills will help you in Burlesque. This class gives you practical improvisational skills to use when performing burlesque! In this class we’ll do some theatrical improvisation exercises to sharpen your brain, quick decision making skills for costume and music mishaps and general improvisation for thinking on your feet during your burlesque routine! REGISTER

Master Class with Peekaboo Pointe

September 17 – Floorwork with Peekaboo Pointe from NYC! – 12:3-2


Making your way to the floor in a Burlesque number can be intimidating, but the pay off is super hot! In this class Peekaboo teach you how to move effortlessly onto the floor, transition back up to standing and will teach you some super sexy floor movements. Please be sure to bring heels for this class! REGISTER