Who is this for?

Feeling good is for EVERYONE. This is an inclusive space. We welcome all women, LGBTQIA+ and the BIPOC community. We strongly believe that everyone is deserving of self love and and are here to support you in that. Anyone here that doesn't support these initiatives will have their membership canceled. Our community will be protected and we invite you to let us know if you experience any issues and how we can do better.

I have never danced before. Is this for me?

Yes! The levels of each course are listed in the description. Go at your own pace and remember to find what feels good.

What do the levels mean?

Everyone: This is for everyone. Beginner - Advanced

Level 1: You have some experience with dance and movement, past or present, but you are new to this or looking for a lighter challenge.

Level 2: You are familiar with this movement and perhaps have had other training. Classes at this level will be more challenging with musicality and directional changes.

Level 3: You feel very comfortable with level 2 and are ready for the next challenge.

Do I need equipment?

All equipment needs will be listed in the video description. When applicable, there will be suggested product links provided.

Can I get a free trial?

Unfortunately, Studio L’amour does not offer a free trial. The original content of this site needs to be protected from plagiarism. If you are interested in trying a free class, please check out some of our sample classes on YouTube.

I love your choreography. Can I perform it as my own?

All of the choreography on this site is created and owned by Michelle L’amour. The choreography is meant for you to explore your style and to be inspired. You may NOT perform this choreography in a public space, for money or for free, without the express written permission and consent from Michelle L’amour. You may also NOT teach this choreography in a class of your own.


How do I reset my password? 

On the login page, click Forgot Password, enter the email associated with your account, and click Send Instructions. The instruction email will arrive in your inbox shortly. In the instruction email, click Reset Password and you will be directed to select a new password before being redirected to the catalog page. 

How do I change my password? 

Once signed into your account, you can change your password by clicking My Account or Dashboard from the top navigation menu. Select Password and update your password. 

How do I update my billing information? 

Once signed into your account, you can update your billing information by clicking My Account or Dashboard from the top navigation menu. Select Billing and update your billing information. 

How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

Once signed into your account, you can cancel your recurring subscription by clicking My Account or Dashboard from the top navigation menu. Select Billing and locate your subscription plan at the bottom of the page.  Click Change Plan and Cancel Membership. Your membership will be cancelled and your access will be removed at the end of your current payment period. 

My credit card is being declined. Why is that? 

Many credit/debit cards have online purchase restrictions. If your card is being declined, please contact your credit card company to let them know the purchase you would like to make is valid. Also, certain credit/debit cards do not allow for recurring subscription billing, and therefore, may be denied.

Can I get a refund for a course collection?

Because of the digital nature of this material, refunds are not honored.

Can I get a refund on membership?

Because of the digital nature of this material, refunds are not honored. You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time.


My video does not playback smoothly. How can I fix this?

Video playback depends on several factors. To improve your playback experience, make sure you have a fast, stable internet connection. We recommend using the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You may experience playback issues with outdated devices and browsers. If you're still having issues, please contact support@uscreen.tv.

Can I watch videos using Chromecast and AirPlay? 

Yes! Both Chromecast and Airplay are compatible with our site. To use Chromecast: Locate the Chromecast icon in the bottom right corner of the video you want to cast. Click the icon and select the correct Chromecast from the pop-up in your browser. To use AirPlay: Open the video on your apple device and click the AirPlay icon in the bottom left corner. 

Can I watch videos on my TV without using an app? 

Yes. By connecting your laptop directly to your TV with an HDMI cable, you will be able to watch videos from our site on your TV. 

Can I watch videos on my phone or tablet without using an app? 

Yes. Our website adapts to phone and tablet browsers so you can watch our content anywhere! 

Which browsers are supported? 

While we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, we also support Firefox and Safari browser released within the last five years. You may experience playback issues when using an out of date browser or any version of Internet Explorer. 

Any other questions can be sent to studiolamouronline@gmail.com or to support@uscreen.tv if you are having tech issues.