Sexy Shimmy

Our monthly belly dance workshop is coming up on February 23rd with Vanessa from Safire Belly Dance. Check it out!

February 23 – Belly Dance with Safire – 7-9pm – REGISTER

SUGAR : a burlesque and variety show by Michelle L'Amour for Untitled Supper Club
SUGAR : a burlesque and variety show by Michelle L’Amour for Untitled Supper Club

Safire Belly Dancers, known for their showstopping performances at Untitled, The Drifter, Big Sexy Show, Juliana and beyond, brings monthly workshops to Studio L’amour with an emphasis on the art of raks sharqi, or “belly dance.”
Safire’s workshops will provide history, technique and choreography that can be suited to enhance your personal life or to further your career in dance. These workshops also provide a great workout, all while having fun and making new friends!

The February series will feature the drum solo, a belly dance trademark. We will focus on isolations of the hips, layering and shimmies, all in an exciting choreography with Brazilian flair. Samba style! This class will encourage you to love your femininity and curves, while challenging you to build muscles and strength. Join us!

Optional – If you have one, please bring a hip scarf

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