Resolution Center

We hope 2016 is off to a good start for you. We are very excited about the new session starting this week. We have switched to 7 week sessions and we think we can just give you so much more sexy this way!

The props for the session in Teasin’ & Pleasin’ and The Next Level are chairs, thigh highs and heels! This dance is going to get you hot in this cold weather!

We also have Sensual Movement, a class that is done in all candlelight. There is no choreography to worry about and no experience necessary. Get in touch with yourself and just enjoy being you! Register now for this or another class and get  moving on those resolutions!

We’re also starting this week off with some great master classes taught by Ginger Valentine from Dallas, TX!

GV-WTLphotosShe will be teaching ‘Floorplay‘ and ‘Hairography‘ on Saturday, January 16th. You can take each class for $30 or both classes for $50. Don’t miss it!

CharlieKaylinAnd finally, we are bringing on a new teacher to Studio L’amour. Please welcome Charlie Scarlet!

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