Superstars of Burlesque Workshops – Sept. 22

Join the cast of Superstars of Burlesque on Sept. 22nd for a full day of workshops. [Register] soon, as all the workshops sold out last year.

Dirty Martini – Powerful Grace


Epaulement and other naughty foreign words a burlesque queen should know… This class teaches the essential studies of ballet as applied to burlesque movement. Perfect for adult beginner dancers, Powerful Grace explores the structure of a classical ballet class but breaks free of the traditional applying ballet principals to basic burlesque dance movement. The class focuses on economy of movement and corporeal awareness for stage performers.

Julie Atlas Muz – Burlesque Freestyle


Free your mind and your body will follow. Learn how to portray your individuality and inspire creativity. This is essential in the art of burlesque, as no one is the same. That’s what makes it beautiful!

Russell Bruner – Charleston


In this class we will focus on this sassy high energy dance style made famous by Josephine Baker and the flappers of the 1920′s. We will go over the basic movement and explore variations and improvisations. No experience required. All levels are welcome to attend.

Imogen Kelly – Stage Survival


From stuck zippers to slippery shoes, busted clasps to technical disasters, maniacal fans and mess management, popped flaps and wandering eyelashes, flying wigs to surprise appearances from ‘Auntie Flo’, police raids and glitter containment fields- come and learn from a lady who has survived these disasters and more.

Please bring whatever you have of the following: Gloves, bra, corset, short shorts or knickers, zippered or tie dress. High heels that you wear onstage.

Wham Bams – Hip Hop and Breaking Foundations


The Wham Bams bring the funk! Taught by two of the formative women of the B-Girl movement, Aneka Starlashe and RedBone aka MadFresh, this class will give you the bricks to build a foundation in hip-hop and breaking. Aneka hails from the old school, bringing a style of hip-hop most associated with house of the 80′s and 90′s while RedBone gives you a B-Girl perspective and the basic platform for breaking. You will be able to take these funky elements and work them into traditional choreography to give your acts a fresh and more modern feel. Dance clothes. Bring gym shoes.

Foxy Tann – Assels


Join the revolution and TWIRL! Foxy Tann believes that everyone should learn to twirl, and can learn to twirl! Not only is twirling a classic burlesque skill that every peeler should have, it is just damn fun! The Fox will teach all of the basics, from top to bottom – literally. From victory twirl to the bootie bounce, you will work them all! You can bring your own spinners, loaners will be available or you can purchase a pair of HardCore Pasties made by The Fox specifically for twirling. No prior experience necessary. Really.

Lola Martinet – Flexy Things


Want to add a few flexible tricks to your acts? We’ll cover exercises for building flexibility, how to use angles & positioning to your advantage, and teach some fun tricks. Please wear movement clothes and bring a set of stockings.

Kitten Natividad – T&A Q&A


Burlesque Dancer, Adult Film Star, Wife of Sexploitation Giant Russ Meyer…Wind down your exciting day of workshops with Legend of screen and stage, Kitten Natividad! Bring some wine and listen to some fabulous stories from a fabulous woman.

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