Striptease Graduates!

It’s that time of year where new teasers test out their skills on the stage.  We just love it!  It’s the best graduation you will ever witness!  See returning grads Dorian Ames, DeVaughn Dior, Sophia Hart, Rosa Bellini, Chestminster Abbey, and Elle Nouveau, along with the NEW ladies, Sadie Mae Glitz, Ruby Mercury, Lillian Angel, Indiana Firecracker, Betty Bourgeois, and Vayda Rhynstone.  Come cheer them on at Joe’s Bar on Weed St. on July 1st at 7pm. Tickets available [online], at the studio, or at the door.  Here’s to higher education!

Also, don’t forget to register for the summer session! The JAZZ CLASS IS SOLD OUT, but other classes are available.  We begin on July 2nd and have a great new ‘summer friendly’ schedule.  [Register] now!

2 thoughts on “Striptease Graduates!”

  1. I was trying to purchase tickets through Brown Bag, but the link doesn’t work – it’s coming up blank. And this event – Summer Striptease Student Showcase – is not listed on Joe’s calendar of events, has this show been cancelled?

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