Student Showcase – Dec. 10

Get a head start on those resolutions and check out the new [schedule]! [Registration] is now available for all 2012 classes.

And now, it’s time for TEASE the Season – Dec. 10 – Martyrs

Starting the night off is the Studio L’amour student show, where ladies will be performing burlesque in front of an audience for the first time! This year, we’ve got May Oui, Sophia Hart, Ria Veneto, Dorian Ames, Stephanie Hawking, Elle Nouveau, Phaedra Black, DeVaughn Dior, and Stacia Dahl!

Then it’s time for the Chicago Starlets to take the stage. They’ll be back with their holiday group act classics and solos performed by Frenchie Kiss, Honey Halfpint, Nora Gretz, Lady Ginger, Vivian Velvet, Kami Oh and Ivy Fabulous! All hosted by NYC’s Bastard Keith.  And, you think that’s enough?  No! Not enough! We’ve got L’amourchestra providing some great jazz and a Studio L’amour holiday party after the show! Wow!

Patrons were turned away last year because the event was sold out. Please don’t be one of those people.  We hate to turn you away! Get your [tickets] now!

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