Belles and Whistles – Feb. 11 and 12 – Mayne Stage Theater

Registration is now available for all Spring Session classes starting the week of Feb. 28.

And now it is time for our favorite tradition, Belles and Whistles!

All of the Chicago Starlets will be performing, as are all the Studio L’amour teachers: Michelle L’amour, Lady Ginger, Frenchie Kiss, and Vivian Velvet!  We also have special guests Nadine Dubois (Minneapolis), Ginger Valentine (Dallas), Bazooka Joe (Chicago), and comedy duo Parker and Seville (Toronto).  The Mayne Stage Theater also has a full bar, restaurant and valet parking.  Bring a date or a group of friends and melt those winter blues away!  [Tickets] are available now!

Then on Feb. 13, Studio L’amour holds its annual ‘Be Mine’ Striptease Workshop.

After seeing some great performances, learn how to do it yourself! Kami Oh! teaches this workshop with a robe, nighty and panties.  Please bring those materials.  All clothing will be worn outside of your workout clothes.  There will be no nudity in class.  Heels are optional.  [Register] now! Limit 15

Also on Feb. 13 at the Everleigh Social Club, it’s [Dr. Sketchy’s] at 2pm and [Speakeasy Sunday] at 7pm.


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