Naked Girls Reading and Tigger!

The next full 8 week session begins the week of August 24.  There have been some schedule changes.  Please note that Tease ‘n’ Tone is being moved to Thursdays at 6:15pm, Pure Hips will be replaced with Tease Technique on Wednesdays at 7:30, and the Monday ballet class will continue to run at 7:30 in the fall session.  If you have problems using paypal, please send an email to

Coming up on our events and workshops calendar is Naked Girls Reading on August 9, 7-10pm.


Michelle L’amour, Greata Layne, Deirdre Doll, Mina Mechante and new comer Ginny Fizz will be reading erotica while enjoying their favorite frozen treat.   As an added bonus, Greta Layne will be showing you how to make your own ice cream in our first installation of Naked Girls Cooking! Limit 50


And, coming up on August 15 from 1-3, Tigger! from NYC teaches you how to build and enhance your stage persona.  If you are interested in how to be larger than life, this is the man to see!  $25

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