New Basic Session!

The new basic session begins this week!  There is still room available in the Thurs. class at 8:45pm.  If you are having problems registering for classes, please email or call the studio at 312-243-6690 during business hours Mon and Tues. 6-10pm this week.

There are a couple class cancellations this week due to a company trip to Vegas for the Burlesque Hall of Fame.  Please make note of these changes:

*No Pure Hips on Wed. June 3
*No Performance class on Wed. June 3 – make up class is Thurs. June 11 6:15-7:15
*No Beg/Int class on Thurs. June 4
*No Basic Burlesque on Thurs. June 4 – make up class is Sat. June 13 at noon
*No Beg/Int, Hip Hop, or Adv. Choreo on Mon. June 8 – make up for Hip Hop (2:15-3:15) and Choreo (3:30-4:30) is Sun. June 14
*Make ups for the Beg/Int are Pure Hips, Tease ‘n’ Tone, Yoga, or another Beg/Int class during the week
*Make ups for Pure Hips is Tease ‘n’ Tone or Yoga

While we’re gone, send us luck and love at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.  Mimi First will be performing for the opening show on June 4th, Michelle L’amour will be performing on June 5th in the Legend’s Showcase, and competing for titles on June 6th are the Chicago Starlets, Vicky Sin, Hot Toddy and the Oona Tramps.  See you when we return!


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