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In the mood for some FUN fitness? Time to smile AND sweat! These fitness-based videos include low-impact cardio, toning and stretching. Perfect for everyBODY.


Shimmy and shake!  These approachable burlesque inspired dance videos will help you hone technique. Plus, learn original choreography by the award-winning Michelle L'amour. 


Self-love comes from self-trust and self-discovery.  In this sensual movement series, you will learn to approach your body with curiosity, not judgment. 

About Studio L'amour

Established in 2008 by international performer and teacher, Michelle L'amour (she/her), Studio L'amour fosters an environment of self-love and nurtures the most important relationship we have—the relationship we have with ourself.  We offer ON DEMAND course collections, monthly memberships and one-on-one coaching. Members have full access to all on demand collections and receive discounts on private coaching. All classes are FUN, pressure-free and encourage you to FEEL GOOD FIRST because we spend a lot of time trying to look good and be good. It's time we felt good, too. 

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About Michelle L'amour

Michelle L’amour is an award winning, international performer and instructor with over two decades of experience. She has been featured on America’s Got Talent, MTV, Epix, OWN, Showtime and many documentaries. Michelle is also the host and creator of the podcast, Look Down There, where she talks about body confidence and self love. She has a unique teaching style that combines technique, sensation, connection and good humor. 

Feel Good First

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All videos are on demand, which means you can watch whenever you like. Think Netflix but with more sass. Watch from your phone, your laptop or cast to your TV. If you need to pause a video, the player will remember where you left off so you can continue watching when it's convenient.


Get an all access pass to every video and more by becoming a member. Each month, you will receive new videos and collections as well as access to all past videos. Customize your experience by choosing the videos that are right for your schedule, mood, goals and experience level. Choose from monthly, six months or annual membership. And if you are looking for a more personal experience, members receive a 10% discount on private coaching.


We've organized certain classes into video playlist bundles. You can watch in the order the videos are listed or jump around in the collection. All members have full access to course collections. These bundles are also available to non-members for a one-time purchase price.

The Reviews Are In!

"Michelle is an instructor who challenges, who helps you find your inner strength and creativity, who proves to you that you, in fact, can do it.  She is encouraging, has a great sense of humor, helps you play to your strengths....she wants you to be your very best self.  You will not find a more talented, kind, encouraging, creative instructor."  




"Through sensual movement I have learned to recognize and wield the power and strength inside of me. Michelle is an incredible teacher and has been a mentor not only in my pursuit of burlesque but in my pursuit of self-love."



Personal Trainer

"Michelle's classes gave me the tools and resources to become confident and comfortable in my own skin. I was always that girl in the back of the room, now I’m the woman at the front. Also…a little jiggle in your wiggle is always a good thing."




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